Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yard Sale

Praise the Lord!  We had our fundraiser yard sale this morning, and we made about $545 to add to our adoption fund!

Thank you to everyone who donated items to sell, and to everyone who shopped and gave generously!

We also have some good news about the home study.  Our social worker finally contacted us last week, and she told us she had been out sick for about a month, which is why we couldn't reach her.  She said she will have the home study done next week sometime.

Now we pray that all the paperwork moves as QUICKLY as possible!  First we'll send the home study to the USCIS to get approval from them.  Please pray we can get the medical expedite.  Our wonderful doctors are going to write a letter, so hopefully we can.  Then we get apostilles for all the documents that still need it, and then we send it all off to Eastern Europe.  Then, we wait.  And wait!  It will be so hard to wait!  And then when they give us a date, we go!  It looks at this point like it will be sometime in December.  We really hope it doesn't go past the new year, because all the holidays would really delay things.

Next Saturday:  Ducky Race!

I need to remember to take pictures next Saturday.  I forgot to take any at the yard sale today.

I'm missing the girls today.  They are camping with Grandma and Poppaw this weekend!  They were so excited, and I just got an email from my mom, saying they are having a great time, despite it being really cold this morning.  Apparently Lydia put on 3 pairs of socks, because her feet were so cold!

Just for fun, and because I'm missing my gals, here are 2 of my favorite pics from this summer, taken in Arkansas:


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