Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enjoying Autumn

We have had some amazing sunny days lately (truly amazing for fall in St. Pete, it seems), and the leaves are so pretty right now.

Here are some pictures of Lydia in the park.

Lydia has gotten quite daring on the playground equipment lately, so I really need to keep my eye on her (and my hands ready to grab her!) She thinks she can do everything by herself, and she watches other kids closely and tries to copy whatever they do!

In other news, Aaron went to a leadership conference with some students last week in Hungary. He had a great time, but came back very tired. They took the overnight train to Moscow, and flew from there, and he had a hard time sleeping on the train. The conference kept the kids (and chaperones) busy from early in the morning until late at night too, so Aaron took a long nap on Sunday after he got home!

Here's another random quote from Lydia for the day: "I need my sunglasses, so I can eat better."

Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Still Here!

It's been a long time since we updated this blog! After Aaron's parents visited this summer, we took a trip to Hungary for a conference. Lydia loved being with her daycare class while we had conference sessions. Here are some pictures from the short time spent in Budapest. It's a beautiful city! Unfortunately Danielle was sick the one full day we were there, but we still got to see a bit of the city. The first pictures are from the castle hill.

Here's a view of the city from a hill called the Citadel. Aaron is wearing his Hungarian hat made out of a mushroom! Near the bottom of the hill is this church built into a cave.

After we got back from Hungary in August, it was time for Aaron to start getting ready for the school year. He's back to teaching now, and autumn has arrived in St. Petersburg. The leaves are just starting to change color, but it has been very chilly. Today has been unusually warm and sunny (60 Fahrenheit), so Lydia and I had a nice time in the park with some friends this afternoon.
Here's a picture of our family from last Saturday. We went with a group to Pavlovsk, and we had a nice time strolling through the huge wooded park.

And finally, a random quote from Lydia today: "I have armpits and elbows!" (Exclaimed with great excitement and arms up in the air!)