Monday, July 1, 2013

A Fundraiser Giveaway!

I'm so excited for our first fundraiser!  We are doing a GIVEAWAY for this VERY beautiful matryoshka doll that we brought from St. Petersburg, Russia.  You have a chance to win this doll and help us bring Camden home at the same time!

It is about 8.5 inches tall, and there are 7 hand-painted dolls inside.

The detailed painting is lovely...

And the pictures show scenes from the Russian fairy tales about the "жарптица" (firebird).
Here's how you can have a chance to win this doll:

1.  Donate toward our adoption fund, through Reece's Rainbow.
     $10 gives you 1 chance
     $20 gives you 2 chances
     $30 gives you 3 chances
     $40 gives you 4 chances
     But if you donate $50, you get 10 chances!
     Each additional $10 gives you one additional chance, but each $50 gives you an additional 10 chances to win.

     To donate, click on the Reece's Rainbow link above or at the side of this blog.  Then, send us an email to let us know the amount you have donated.  Email us at:

2.  You can also get a chance to win by sharing the link to this post on Facebook or Twitter!  Please either comment on this blog or email us to let us know if you have done that!  (

We will use to choose the winner on July 26!
Thank you in advance, for helping us to adopt this little guy and give him a home!


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