Thursday, June 27, 2013

In the USA!

It's about time for another post!  We've been back in the USA now for almost a month.  We arrived in Pennsylvania late on May 31st, and it was a wonderful reunion with my parents.  It was their first time to meet their grandson Elliot, in person.  We got to catch up with lots of other family, too!

Relaxing with Poppaw:
Exploring Grandma & Poppaw's yard:

Story time with Grandma:
Happy 4th birthday, Birdie!
Family reunion, rural PA style, with "The Jitney":

During our stay in PA, we were able to get some things done for the adoption process, including a good part of the home study.  We were able to do the home visit with the social worker in a little house that we will be renting from some friends, which will be perfect for our family for the coming year.  We'll move in when we get back to PA from Arkansas.

Two days ago we flew to visit Aaron's family in Arkansas.  We've already had lots of fun, with much more planned!

Breakfast at McDonalds this morning:
The splash pad!
Stay tuned for a fundraiser giveaway on this blog... coming soon!

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