Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birdie's One-Month Update

I took Birdie to the doctor yesterday for her one-month checkup. She is doing well and is up to 4.186 kg and 55 cm. Sorry I haven't taken the time to convert those to pounds and inches and my calculator is not handy right now! The doctor was happy with her growth. She said she heard something like a heart murmur, but it is nothing to be concerned about. I actually didn't understand the term she used for what it sounded like (false something), but she said it is not really a problem- we just may want to have an ultrasound on her heart sometime down the road. This doctor speaks english, but her accent or use of different terms to describe things is sometimes difficult to understand. For instance, she described a little pimple-type thing on Birdie's neck as "not a pure element." I understood she meant that it is not a normal baby thing, like the baby acne on her face, but it was an unusual way to convey her meaning. (The pimple is also nothing to worry about for now though, either).

Birdie also got her 2nd hepatitis B vaccination. I was glad to learn that we can get all of Birdie's immunizations here, just like they do in the US, except for the one for roto-virus. Apparently that is a relatively new one they do in the US, because Lydia, born in 2006, didn't have it. I also just recently realized that our insurance covers all immunizations 100%, even if we haven't reached our deductible yet! :)

Here are some recent fun pics of "our girls." Birdie's eyes are looking more blue!

Here's a short video of Birdie. We tried to catch a smile, but they are still too fleeting!


CristyLynn said...

They're both so beautiful, just like their mom! :)

Karen said...

Our Autumn has an "innocent" heart murmur...or did anyway. The doctor expected her to outgrow it. And as she is now 7 and not going to frequent appointments, I'm not sure if she still has it or not.