Monday, October 6, 2008

More Fall Frolicking

We've been having some really great fall weather here! We try to get out and enjoy it to make the most of it! Yesterday afternoon we walked to the Summer Gardens and joined many others who were out strolling and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. It was interesting to see so many people picking up the colorful leaves- adults and kids. Another interesting thing was that many people were weaving the leaves together somehow to make a garland-type hat! We asked one lady if we could take her picture with her wearing her hat and Lydia, and she was so nice and put the hat on Lydia's head for the picture. Even the statues were getting in on the fun (see below!)

Here we are in front of Peter the Great's Summer Palace:
Today Lydia and I made a craft with some of the leaves she picked up a few days ago. Here she is showing off her work:
This is her face after I told her to give me a big smile!

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