Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Allow me to introduce...

Ilya (Ilyusha) Daniel Miner!

We LOVE this spunky little guy!  And he should be coming home with Papa on Friday!!
I'm sorry that I woefully neglected my blog while we were in Ukraine.  I sometimes get the idea that no one is reading it anyway, but then today someone told me they checked it recently to see if I had updated.  So at least one person reads it!
Aaron and I were both in Ukraine for about 4 weeks, until we had court.  After court, I was able to come back home to our kids here in the US, who had been staying with my parents.  Aaron is still in Ukraine, finishing up the last part of the adoption process in Kiev  When he gets home (hopefully) on Friday, it will be 3 weeks that he was there without me.  I can't wait for that joyful day, when we are all reunited as one family!
Our experience in Ukraine was amazing.  It's too much to write about right now.  All I'll say right now is that adoption is hard, but beautiful.  I'm sure we'll experience much more of the hard when Ilyusha gets home, and immeasurably more of the beautiful.
Praise the Lord!


"Who makes the orphan a son and daughter? The King of Glory. The King of Glory!"



Karen said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your son!! Wonderful pictures. Looking forward to reading your time in U and his arrival home!! :-D

Gloria said...

Congratulations! I'll be praying that all of you adjust quickly and happily to being a family!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this wonderful answer to prayer! Looking forward to the rest of the story! By the way, I too have been checking your blog!
May God Bless, Kathy

The Tiny Team said...

awww, cutie! Our son's Russian name was Ilya, too! <3