Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rolling Over and 3-Year Old Logic

Yesterday Birdie rolled over from front to back for the first time! She looked a bit surprised after she did it. She only did it once so far, but I'm sure there is more to come!

Another historic thing happened yesterday. We had our first snow for the season. It didn't stick around, but it was fun to see it coming down. Lydia was all ready to head outside and go sledding. I had to explain that the snow has to be piled up on the ground before you can sled on it.

Now, for your reading pleasure, some glimpses into the mind of a 3-year old...

Lydia (counting on her fingers): At the office, I told (a guy we know) that I'm three years old. He said he is I think 5 or 6. Hmmm... I don't know, yeah maybe 6.
Me: Well, he's a lot older than that- maybe 35 years old.
Lydia: Whoa!! He needs more fingers!

Lydia, after a conversation about feeding Birdie: When (a friend of ours) comes over, I'll ask her if she has milk in her breasts.
Me: Well, she doesn't.
Lydia: She doesn't?
Me: No, only Mommies have milk in their breasts.
Lydia: She's a Mommy!
Me: No, she never had a baby, so she's not a Mommy.
Lydia, looking perplexed: Well then, is she a man, or what?

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Karen said...

Love it!

We were at a JAARS "Mission at the Airport" and my brother & his wife took a ride in the airport. My nephew (4) said to me, "If my dad was driving...they would crash!!!"

And our daughter, Janae (4), had all sorts of issues trying to figure out how the boys are adopted but she isn't.

They sure keep life interesting!