Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Birdie pictures (again!), and other stuff

Here are some more pictures of Birdie for you to enjoy! Lydia is a sweet big sister, and always wants to help take care of Birdie. She especially always wants to give her the pacifier!

On the 4th of July, we had a chance to celebrate the day with several other expat Americans. It was planned as a cookout in a park, but the weather did not cooperate. However, the good thing was that it was held in the new school building instead! It was a treat to get to see the new building. The school had been looking for a new location for a long time, and they really needed to find something for next year. After several other possibilities fell through, they finally found a place that looks great!

Here is the new school building!

On Tuesday, we decided to enjoy the nice weather in a new place. We took a bus to an island in the gulf, where there is a town called Kronshtadt. It was nice to take a relaxing stroll in a smaller, quieter town, and to see the beautiful cathedral there.

We've really been enjoying having "Mimi" (Aaron's mom) here for the past two weeks. Yesterday "Poppi" arrived as well! Lydia is loving the extra attention (and ice cream treats whenever they go to the park!)

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