Saturday, January 19, 2008


This slideshow gives you a glimse into what has been consuming my time this week! We decided to go into potty training full force. I guess I should say I decided, because Lydia had her doubts about it. We started on Tuesday, with NO diaper. Lydia was excited about wearing panties, but she soon decided the potty wasn't for her. We had about 7 wet pants accidents that day. The encouraging thing was that I knew she could hold it when she had to go, because she'd hold it the whole time she was on the potty, and then let loose when we put her pants on.

The next few days were met with varying amounts of success. Lydia's favorite phrase when I sat her on the potty was, "No plops!" After six "accidents" just yesterday morning (I don't think they were exactly accidental), I was glad when the nanny came to take over, and my language lesson gave me a break. Last night Lydia did much better, and so far today only two sets of wet pants, and lots of "plops!" We're making progress!

On another note, Aaron is gone today with a friend, helping to deliver Christmas gifts to children whose mothers are in jail. Our friend got connected with a neat organization that does this, and I'm excited to hear how it went.

Aaron's first two weeks back at school after Christmas break have gone well. He is enjoying his teaching, and the weeks fly by. He said he'd much rather have that job than the one I'm doing right now!

Here's a recent picture of Lydia trying out a new treat. These things are like pelmeni, except instead of meat inside, they have fruit. These particular ones had blueberries, and Lydia talked about her "purple hands" for a long time afterward. I think these are usually boiled, but I tried frying them too and liked them better that way. Reminiscent of McDonald's apple pies.
By the way, we have some new videos on our YouTube site (see the link to the left). They're of Lydia, of course. And of course, they're cute! :)

Here's one more picture of Lydia being creative with her underwear.

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