Sunday, October 28, 2007

More pictures!

Here is our living room. You can see we have a nice large window, and a large storage cabinet area. You can also see the great drying racks you can find here. Most people don't have dryers, but these racks work quite well in the winter when the heat is on in the buildings. Most apartments are quite warm (some people say too warm, and you can't control the temperature).

Here are the rest of the rooms in our apartment. The washing machine is small compared to American standards (and it takes about an hour and a half for one cycle), but we are so thankful for it, since I don't think there are laundromats here. We are also thankful for the new toilet, which you can see is MUCH nicer than the old one. Lydia's room is currently occupied by a friend from central Asia that is staying with us, so you can see Lydia's crib in our room. We currently have 2 single beds, but we plan to push them together and put a large mattress on top to make one larger bed.


betsy said...

very nice to see pictures of your place - looks very European in style. Hope it will quickly feel like home for you! Blessings!

minerag said...

Great to see your apt. (esp. Lydia) :) Post More Pics!
Love, Dad Miner (Poppi)