Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unexpected Vacation

This past week was an odd one, as Aaron got some unexpected days off, from Tuesday through Friday. So many of the kids were sick that the administrator decided to close down the school! Aaron and I were getting over colds, but we all still enjoyed time with Daddy home. Now Birdie has a bad cold. The past two nights were a little rough, since Birdie had a hard time getting settled down and sleeping with a stuffy nose. Poor girl. This is the first time she's really been sick. I'm hoping tonight will be better.

Some family news, since I haven't posted in a while:

Birdie has two little teeth coming in on the bottom! They are easy to see now when she laughs or cries. No more of those toothless grins! She can also sit by herself, and she has begun grabbing and eating the grated apple when I put it on her high chair tray.

Lydia continues to amaze us with the progress of her Russian language. Last week there was a parents' meeting at her preschool, and when the teacher was commenting on the children's language skills, she said that their best speaker is Lydia, an American! She just LOVES to talk, and she'll do it in whichever language she needs to. She's such a social little girl. She is also learning to read (in English). She can sound out 3-letter words, which is so exciting! A friend gave me some "Bob" books, which are very short, easy books that move through a progression of words. They are great! We worked on those for the first time tonight, and Lydia read two of them.

All of us are excited to go back to the US for a visit, starting in June. We even have our tickets ordered (June 16)! We have finally decided that we would like to return here after a year in the US. That's our plan anyway, Lord willing! We are also excited that we were able to purchase a minivan from some friends, for our use in the US! Can't wait to drive again!

Now for the catch-up pictures!

We have still been having a lot of snowy, cold (COLD) weather! Here's me and Birdie on one of those chilly days. Our drafty windows make it plenty cold inside, too!
Birdie and Daddy
Birdie with a smorgasbord of toys on her tray (thanks to Lydia!)
Here's Birdie showing off her sitting skills. Next we need to work on crawling. Not too much interest in that yet- She doesn't like being on her tummy much.
Birthday party for Lydia's friend, Isaiah! Lydia can't wait to be 4 years old, too!

I often lay Birdie on the floor after we come home, while I take off my coat & boots, and then I get her undressed. On this day, Lydia joined her on the floor.
It was a long, hard day at preschool.
At preschool, Lydia's teacher put this sign up to thank Aaron for shoveling off their playground.
Here Lydia is posing with the truck and traffic light that she made at preschool.