Friday, March 8, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

Once, again it's been a long time since my last post.  This time though, there hasn't really been much to post, since we were sick almost the whole time and haven't done anything exciting.  (At least that's the way it seems!)  I do have to say though, we are very thankful that Elliot has had NO recurrence of his purpura that put him in the hospital at the end of September.  We have just been passing lots of colds, sore throats, various fevers and viruses around the family, of and on, all winter.  (Aaron said I should add in parentheses, "mostly on!")  Our latest bout of illness has been the dreaded stomach bug, which we each got in succession, with Lydia being the fourth one to get it just yesterday.  Birdie is the one that hasn't gotten it yet, and surprisingly, she is still healthy...  I hope she stays that way!  She must have a good immune system, because she has been the healthiest overall this winter.  Anyway, we are very glad that spring is coming soon.  (Technically it starts on March 1st in Russia... but of course it doesn't feel like it yet in St. Petersburg.  And it won't for a while... But the thought of spring gives us hope for healthier days!)  :)

The girls did manage to participate in their "prazdniki" (celebrations/programs) at their kindergarten, for New Year, and this week for International Women's Day.

Here are their videos for New Year:

And for Women's Day:


And just for fun, a picture of Elliot studiously drawing...

And then being a typical toddler boy!